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September 5, 2011 Leave a comment

I was 270.4 this morning.  Doing this thing for realzies now, watch out.

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Smurfity Smurf Smurf

August 16, 2011 1 comment

Well this morning I weighed in at 273.  Down 4 pounds from last week.   Not bad for not really doing too much beyond avoiding blantly terrible food.  Baby steps.

The family went out to see The Smurf movie tonight (not in 3D thankfully).  My offical review is MEH.  It was okay.  As far as kid movies go it was watchable but not great (great being Megamind or How To Train Your Dragon etc).  Hank Azaria as Gargamel was the saving grace. SPOILER ALERT: he gets tasered and hit by a bus.  It doesn’t take a lot to entertain this family.

The thing that upset me the most was the preview for the upcoming Alvin and Chipmunks movie.  What happened to Jason Lee?  He went from one of my favourite actors, staring in the early Kevin Smith movies, then became a Scientologist and now this.  What a waste.


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New House, New Person

August 9, 2011 1 comment

Hello legion of internet followers.  I have something to tell you that I have been avoiding for a while, so I am going to just come out and say it.  Over the last year I haven’t been good nor exhibited anything that could be considered self control.  This morning I weighed in at 277lbs.  So to summerize, over the last 2 years I managed to lose 60lbs in one year and then turn around and put on 75lbs in the following year.  Lets all agree not to tell Chris and Tanya.

It was a tough, hectic year and I am weak.  Anything else I say here would just be an excuse.  But I am putting that behind me and going to work on being a better person with better habbits.  Hopefully these conversations we have through this blog will keep me honest.

I am now well into the new job, the family has moved into the new house and life is slowly rolling back into ‘normal’.  Immediately I will be getting the eating under control.  Then I need to figure out something to do exercise wise.  I don’t have the luxury of a gym at the office anymore.  Getting back to running seems like the best call, just for easy of access more then anything. 

Wish me the best.  It seems I need it.

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2011 Year Of The Do-Over?

January 4, 2011 1 comment

Well 2010 was a bit of strange year for me.  The first half was pretty good, by June I was within 6 or 7 pounds of my goal of 200lbs for the year.  I ran in my first 5K in 27:12 when I was hoping for 30-35 and things were just humming along.  But then Mom passed away in July and I lost focus.  I got a new job at a really exciting company but it made things kind of hectic, now introducing a commute and some growing pains.  I had to negotiate out of my weight loss bet with Gary.  My eating got pretty out of control in general (as I am both an emotional and stress eater) and the holidays were like icing on the cake (near literally, mmmm cake, mmmm icing).

This morning I got on the scale, which I have been avoiding for almost 2 months.  248 was the damage.  Exactly 1 year ago, on Jan 3 2010 I weighed in at 246.6.  In June I was 207.  So I managed to lose and gain back 40 lbs ending up with a overall gain of 1.4 lbs.  At least 15lbs of that is shame.

But it is time to get on that horse again.  Yes heroin, it helps you forget problems and leads to weigh loss.

Okay, that was a joke.  I am not going to get into bets or set dates and goals or do any silly diets.  I am going to simply eat smaller portions of better food and be more active.  This really needs to be a lifestyle change if I am going to maintain not just a race for a goal.  We are also seriously considering moving so that means I have get to work on prioritizing and finishing all of the house projects on the go.

So in summary, my New Year’s Resolution is simply this … Be Better.

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Epic Meals And Potential Fails

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Things are looking pretty bleak on the whole ‘bet with Gary’ front.  I am not really ‘into numbers’ right now but I have a bunch to lose for Friday.  My lovely bride has stepped up to the plate and has put me on a super special program which she guarantees results.  She has my 100% buy in.

Totally unrelated to my weight problems … These EPIC MEAL TIME guys really are doing something special.  New videos every Tuesday.  Here is their US Thanksgiving video.

A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig.  That is enough to make me turn vegitarian.  J/K this is awesome.  “The We Garnished It With Baconators” … Brilliant!

Here is today’s video on breakfast.  Everything wrapped in bacon …

“We ‘Bout To Get Drunk Off Pancakes” … Genius.

We at would like to full endorse the science being performed by the guys at Epic Meal Time.

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That Time Of Year

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Sorry for the silence, trying to get settled into the new job and the commute is eating up a chunk of my spare time.  Not doing well as far as the whole weight thing either.  I started running in the mornings again and am trying to reel in the eating, hopefully it will be enough I have right around 2 weeks to make weight.  I still owe a DDR video for everyone from my previous failures.

But the reason for this post is what you all have been itching for.  My Birthday and Christmas are only 2 weeks apart and every year I put together a wish list to help everyone get their shopping done for me.  Consider it a favour from me to you.

Mike BD-XMAS List 2010

Normally the list is more thorough and full of smart ass comments.  Once again, little short of time and just trying to get this into your hands as prime shopping season comes around. Why not order something for me on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?  You are my #1 concern with this.

Here is some quick commentary on the items …

Home Theatre Speakers – Heidi is pretty sick of my enormous speakers and my current centre speaker is significantly underpowered.  This Polk set looks to be excellent performance, especially for the price point, all the while fitting into a much small footprint.  If I had to choose one it would be the centre channel speaker.

Video Game Stuff – Normally this section is much larger.  I only play PS3 exclusive games on my PS3 (and I couldn’t come up with anything I wanted here).  I am pretty much over the Wii though Travis may drag me back into it.  Even for XBOX I couldn’t come up with a tonne of stuff.  I really want AC:B, I ‘need’ RB: Green Day for my Rockband music collection, NBA Jam is a blast from my past which I would have a hard time paying $50 for myself and I have never played Mass Effect (1 or 2) and that is probably a failure on my part.

My big ticket item this year is a Windows Home Server which will become the media center of our house and our main backup strategy.  As we get more and more networked consumption devices flying around here I dream of one day being able to centralize everything.

I was feeling I made the wrong choice to move to a laptop this year.  Mostly because I am getting old and I miss a big screen.  But then I realized I could just stick a big monitor on the laptop and experience the best of both worlds.  Done!  Why not buy my one … you love me don’t you?

Jeans, Hoodies, Funny Shirts and Converse pretty much make up my entire wardrobe.  I am pleased to announce that this is acceptable attire at the new job as well (score!).  But my well loved Converse collection it starting to show it’s age and could use an injection of new canvas.  My classic Black hightops and personal favourite Black Hightops w/Flames are in good enough shape but anything else would be fair game.  For some reason I have really been drawn to these Rust/Brown Plaid ones …

Funny shirts are also always a winner.  It was once a challenge to find them, now the internet is full websites specializing in them.  I like Snorg Tees, Deez Tees (umm shirts with bottle openers!) and T-Shirt Hell.  Heidi told me she thinks I should have this shirt for the next boys trip to Vegas.

Finally the last thing I through on there was Booze.  It has been a tough year and the bar is decimated.  We are out of just about everything (other then Courvoisier).  We are not picky and certainly don’t judge in this department.

As always, please remember that this is only a guideline and produced to make YOUR life easier.



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November 9, 2010 2 comments

I am really having a tough time staying focused these days.  This morning a weighed in at 227.0.  Up 2.2 pounds this week.  I failed to lose the 6 lbs I needed for the 3rd (I was within 3) which then in turn sent me into a round of ‘why bother anyway’ paired with some very poor eating choices, resulting in the 5 lbs swing since then.  I even approached Gary about putting and end to the bet.

But as these negotiations go on I realize maybe it is just easier to live up to my end of the bargain and be done with it.  Even giving up beef until February may be what I deserve. Get my head out of my ass and ‘do the damn thing’.  Lots of time left this month to get straightened out.  With the new job I am going to lose access to the gym.  I wish I was strong enough to get back out there and run in the mornings … but it is friggin cold.  I should dust off the treadmill perhaps.

Don’t know if you notice but I am a little scattered.  Please help me.  Normally poutine and bacon fix my problems, but they have not been effective here.

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