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Had It Up To Here

July 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Back at the blog and angry in point form.  Things I have had enough of …

  • Living in a trailer.
  • Gypsies looking into my soul.
  • Diesel pickup trucks idling for no real reason.
  • Having 3 stations that come in on this little TV … and not being able to fast forward through the commercials on said TV.
  • Drunk people yelling.
  • Children who have no bed time and should be penned.
  • Limited internet action.
  • “Emptying the tanks” … not a euphemism.
  • Little dogs.
  • Fridges that only hold 4 beers at a time.
  • Dirt roads and dust.
  • Spiders friggin everywhere.
  • Hitting my head on cabinets.
  • Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean.
  • A Laptop I have to use on my Lap and is approximately the temperature of the sun.
  • Humidity.
  • Toilets you use your foot to flush.
  • Worlds loudest air conditioner.
  • That dude hammering right now at 10pm.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners looking to take over the world.  HUAR!

I feel a little better.

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It’s Not The Frig’n LOST Smoke Monster

May 6, 2010 1 comment

I have spent countless hours sitting on the 401, commuting to work.  Over the last 10+ years I have worked at several locations spanning between Mississauga, Etobicoke and Scarborough all from the growing metropolis of Milton.

As the town gets bigger and bigger (with no infrastructure improvements), these commutes have gotten worse and worse.  Thankfully the distance I have been commuting has gotten shorter.  I have tried dearly to find some kind of magical ‘back roads’ solution to my drive.  I have been sufficiently defeated and don’t even bother, there is no ‘better’ way.  I just get on the highway and hope for the best.

That gets us to the topic of my rant.  This drive, as bad as it is, has just gotten worse over the last week.  It took me a couple of times through to figure out what is going on but I have it now.  Recently the new Halton Hills Power Generating Station either started testing or is actually operating.  While running this thing makes a giant column of steam (I hope) billow out of the building.  People are slowing down to look at the pretty cloud.

Just a quick reminder to any rubber-neckers out there.  It’s not the Smoke Monster from LOST.  We are going to live.  Please just drive.

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I Hate When People Write Their Whole Message In The Subject Line Of Emails.

June 26, 2007 1 comment
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Dangerous Streets Of Scarborough

May 30, 2007 Leave a comment

Now that I spend somewhere around 45 minutes a day away from the safety of the office walking I don’t feel as safe as I used too.  So far this month I haven’t seen one gun so I guess that is ‘better then average’ for this area.  The weapon I see more often one my walks are people’s cars.

People around here are awful drivers.  I have to cross many-a-intersection and driveway during my walk.  Many with proper stop lights and everything.  But each time I do, if there is someone in a car near by (which is always), it is like taking my life into my hands.

People don’t stop anywhere near the white line.  People in cars seem to only be concerned about other people in cars.  Pedestrians are non-existent.  The scariest situation is when I approach a driveway with a car pulled up across the sidewalk, with a person making a left hand turn and watching the oncoming traffic on the right.  I am scared to walk in front of these cars fearing they will simply see a space and gun it while I am passing by.  I want to bang on the hood of their cars and scream ‘Hey … I am walking here!’ … maybe that has been done before.

This probably isn’t a problem only in this area but it is the only busy bit of road I walk so it is easy to stereotype.  None the less, I am going to invest in a nice bell or better yet a portable ‘Aaaa-wuuuu-gaaah’ horn.

In other news … I picked up Mario Party 8 for the Wii.  Much like Bomber Man, this is a multiplayer game that I have not supported in the past.  But for some reason, in my head it seems like it will be very good on the Wii.  At the very least it will be funny to watch people play (especially Matty P).  I will report back when I get a chance to play.

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April 4, 2007 2 comments

Well yesterday I turned a new leaf and tried to be nice, but everything can’t be roses and lolipops forever I suppose…

Another one of those little things that really boils my blood is when people inappropriate use the ! urgent flag on emails. Rarely is the matter actually important let alone urgent. There of course is a particularly annoying subset of these people who feel almost all of the emails are urgent and almost anything I receive from them is marked thusly.

I hate to tell you but this actually has the opposite effect on me. These are the emails I choose to wait on. Somehow they just slip to the bottom of the pile. This is as close to being an ass I as can get away with.

Thankfully this web game managed to make me feel better about things and now I don’t have to use bad language.

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The Opposite Of Complaining

April 3, 2007 2 comments

This blog is an outlet for many of my rants and complaints about all sorts of ‘stuff’.  I don’t very often give someone or something their dues for a job well done.  Well we are going change that today.

‘Big Ups’ goes out to the fine people at Gorrud’s Auto in Milton.  This is were we purchased our ‘very manly’ minivan from.  After we decided to purchase the vehicle we were asked to make a defects list.  After a thorough inspection of the vehicle we came up with a list of maybe 10 items.  A couple of days later, when we picked up the vehicle everything had been fixed and the van itself nicely detailed inside and out.

‘Mad Props’ to our salesman Keith who gave us check up calls after 1 week and 1 month.  Combined with his no pressure, no hassle help during the buying process and the various satisfaction guarantees of Gorrud’s, it was a excellent buying experience all around.

The capper involves the last check up call.  We mentioned that we were not too excited about the tires that were on the van (originals with 80K+ on them).  The sales manager mentioned that if there were new tires on the vehicle then they would of priced the vehicle higher but we still managed to agree on splitting the cost of a new set of tires 50/50.  Plus they will handle getting the tires and installing them.

We did check out several other used car places around town and further into Toronto.  The Toronto places had lower prices but the condition of the vehicles matched these prices.  Plus taking something out for a test drive was an ordeal, I couldn’t imagine actually buying something from them.

In January the lease will be up on the truck and I will be back on the market for something to replace it.  I will most likely be back to Gorruds.  I am not sure if they can match me up with something I am looking to buy, I didn’t see much in the way of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

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Button Pushers

March 15, 2007 4 comments

Sometimes the stupidest little things that people do, really gets my blood boiling. It is nice that I have this place to vent. Hopefully you can understand me and not label me as a wacko.

Today’s action that really bugs me are people who can not resist pressing the elevator button even though they know that it has been pressed. There is an even more annoying subset of this group as well … people who think the elevator will come faster if they press the button repeatedly.

You saw me standing here as you walked up. This elevator only goes one direction from the ground floor. Did you really think I was just waiting for your help in my quest to work this strange mechanical device that seems to teleport me from this location to another? Thankfully you were here to help me get through my magical journey from the ground floor to the sky.

Go ‘F‘ yourself. I think I can handle this one on my own.

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