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Bad Lip Reading

March 31, 2011 2 comments

I guess I have not been doing the best job of posting on the blog. <WEAK-EXCUSE> Both work and life have been crazy busy <\WEAK-EXCUSE>. But that hasn’t stopped me from skowering the internet for those really special must see things. Well here is a quick one for you.

May I present Bad Lip Reading.  Who ever they are, takes a music video, picks out new verses for the lip movements, records the new song and syncs it back up with the video.  I used to refer to myself as a professional mis-interpreter so I really enjoyed these videos.  I think you will too.  Hopefully they keep pumping them out.

Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Pow becomes Everybody Poops.



And in a incredible upgrade, internet sensation song Friday by Rebecca Black becomes Gang Fight.


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Jeffrey Townes Knows The Future

January 21, 2010 2 comments

I have always been a huge DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince fan.  I can not recommend their first 3 albums highly enough (things started to get a little too commercialized for me around Homebase/Code Red … and don’t get me started on Will Smith, who chooses to stop being The Fresh Prince???). He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper is probably in my top 10 hip hop albums of all time (if I ever get around to constructing this list it will also include Licensed To Ill and 3 Feet High and Rising).  When I bought my Sony Discman around 1991, this was the fist CD I bought.

There is one thing that continues to confuse me, even to this day.  Please review their discography here.  On He’s The DJ two of their bigger songs appear … Nightmare On My Street and Parents Don’t Understand.  No problem so far.  The issue surrounds a song on their first album Rock The House called Girls Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble.  At the end of this song Jazzy Jeff mentions both Nightmare and Parents Don’t Understand … songs that don’t appear until their second album.

Have a listen at the 4:30 mark.

What is the story here?  The audio track of the video matches the 1988 album cut so it isn’t just a video thing. Did they have a pile of songs ‘in the can’ and just churning out albums (they are only 1 year apart).  Or does DJ Jazzy Jeff know the future?

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We Can Make Sandwiches

March 30, 2007 3 comments

For this post you are going to want to open this link in a background window and simply sing along.

I know you wanna do it
You know I wanna do it too
Out here on the dance floor
We can make sandwiches
You can be the bun
And I can be the burger girl
I know you wanna do it
We can make sandwiches
So make your thighs like butter, easy to spread
And we can make sandwiches
Out here on the dance floor
Come on we can do it
We can make sandwiches

(repeats 5 times)

I know you wanna do it

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500 Gigs And Perrault

March 1, 2007 4 comments

At the Commodore Computer Show in 1989 (I think) I purchased a 90 Megabyte hard drive for $700 (McDollars) for my Amiga 500.  I was really cool for a couple of weeks among computer geeks everywhere.  What would you do with all that storage?

Yesterday I purchased a 500 Gigabyte hard drive for $160. A 25000% better deal.  Science!

Eventually I would like to buy a second one and set up a raid/mirror to protect all my important data.  This data mostly consists of Music (110 Gigs and climbing) and downloaded TV shows (mostly poker shows that I have never seen), so you understand how important it is.

I just finished ripping my complete CD collection.  Previously I had ripped most of the quality tracks from my CDs but I ran through them again to rip the entire contents.  Using 160 VBR (variable bit rate) my collection of 500 CDs was reduced to 30 gigs.  Science!

CDs take up a fair bit of space in my room and Travis has a tendency to through them around so I figured I would rip everything.  Set aside a few ‘must have’ selections and try to sell off the rest.  $5 a piece seems reasonable, there is some real gold in there.

Example, Blood Of Abraham, a Jewish rap group that Easy-E found and produced … I purchased this CD after they appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show … “stabbed by the steeple, scalpelled by the chapel, the choir’s got my tongue and the preacher has my adams apple” … with rhymes like these, why am I the only person that has heard of these guys?

I also have an extensive collection of VHS tapes I may be looking to unload (Mr. Ward) as I don’t even have a VCR hooked up anywhere anymore.

One last thing … The painful to watch, Toronto Maple Leafs have seriously needed a tough guy forward to stand in front of the net, screen the goalie and tip shots, for a long time.  At the trade deadline Ryan Smyth, one of the best in the league at this (rocking an awesome short-long is pure bonus) was traded for next to nothing to the Islanders.  Bill Guerin, Todd Bertuzzi (if he plays again this year after back surgery) and Gary Roberts (who was the last decent Leaf who took this role) also all got traded.  Now Toronto doesn’t really have much to trade to attempt to get these players and can’t keep a lead to save their playoff hopes … but acquiring Yannick Perrault feels like a slap in the face.  Only resurrecting Sergei Berezin from the dead would help this team. 

John Ferguson, your on notice!

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Cover Me This

November 28, 2006 4 comments

When it comes to music it doesn’t get much better then a nice Punk cover of an 80’s song.  I never liked a lot of 80’s music but one sure fire way to fix it is to speed it up and make sure it is done in 2 minutes.  All of a sudden you have a classic.

I am sure that Matty P and Heidi will have words for me when they read this but I tend to like covers.  I came across this article that talks about some of the better covers around but also delves into some of the more strange as well (which suits me just fine).  There are quite a few I will need to check out.

What are some of your favourite covers?

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Friday The 13th

October 13, 2006 Leave a comment

Ohhhh scary …

I really haven’t had a lot to say this week.  I have been pretty busy lately so I am sorry if you feel like you are being ignored.  Here are just some random comments on things, feel free to join in by adding your own comments … you can help provide content.

Remember the comedy/parody movie Saturday The 14th (and it’s less known sequel Saturday The 14th Strikes Back)?  I sort of do.  I don’t know if I ever saw the first movie in its entirety or not … I can only remember the odd scene or two.  I probably didn’t get the jokes or references in it at the time either.  But for some reason it always stuck out in my mind (even to this day) as being extremely funny.  I am afraid this is probably not the case and to keep this memory intact (along with my memories of shows like GI Joe, Transformers and Thundercats) I refuse to go back and watch it.  If nothing else, I believe it is this movie that resulted in my love of parody.

How about those Leafs?  They are doing better then anyone predicted but in classic Leaf fashion they still manage to be extremely emotional to watch.  Last night they managed to blow a 3 goal lead in the third period by giving up a hattrick to Brian Gionta (who I am still upset about not drafting).  This of course lead to the Leafs third shootout of the year (out of 5 games in total) and their second shootout loss.  They were awful in the shootout last year too.  If they could address this apparent problem they would be 4-1 since they have only lost one game outright.  They should do this quickly as by my quick math 60% of their games go to the shootout.

Tonight is the premiere of a great show.  You may not of heard of it but make sure you watch it, record it or download it.  ‘I Pity The Fool‘ stars … MR T of course and follows him around the country as he dispenses self help advice to those who need it (probably those that don’t as well).  If I need to explain what is so great about this, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog.  It is on tonight at 8pm on StarTV (in Canada … TV Land and a different night in the US).

That being said, I leave you with one of the greatest music videos you will see.  Remember to treat your mother right.


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iPOD : The End Of New Music

June 7, 2006 5 comments

I always thought technology was supposed to lead to progress.  But I have notice one particular case where it may be the end.  Ever since I bought my iPOD (over a year ago now) I have stopped listening to new music.

I have a pretty hefty commute to work.  On any particular weekday, getting to and from work can cost 2-3 hours of my day (depending on random Toronto traffic factors like ‘is it raining, I have never seen rain before’ or ‘the sun is shining right in my eyes, too bad no one makes any sort of device that would hold tinted lenses in front of them for me’ or ‘wow, that sure is a nice accident, I wonder how that happened, oops I just rear-ended someone’ or ‘hey is that an elderly couple with luggage on the side of the road’).  I used to listen to the radio during this time (even though drive time radio is more talking and commercials then actual music).  When ever I did house work or anything at all, the radio was on in the background.  I was very up to date with what was hot and who was cool.  Now I turn on the iPOD and listen to what is on it.

I have no interaction with new music at all.  My collection has gone completely stagnant.  Occasionally, when I hear that an artist that I like has a new album I may get it.  But over the last year not one new artist has been added to my library.  I am not sure if this is good or bad.  I have plenty of songs to keep me busy (my collection hovers in the 100 gig level on my computer).  Am I missing anything ground breaking?  I feel a little out of touch.

I always thought it was weird that my parents always listened to old music all the time.  I used to say ‘That won’t be me, I like to keep up with the current stuff’.  Once again I find myself wrong. 

I really don’t have much of a point, I just thought that it was interesting the my iPOD ended my interest in new music.

(Please note, I just realized I may have lied above.  A couple of months ago I did download aquire the entire Billboard Top 100 collection from 1940-2005 (that rights the top 100 songs from each year, some 6000+ tracks).  There are probably plenty of ‘new to me’ artists in this collection, but I don’t this really counts.)

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