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While You Are Waiting

February 18, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

As I sort through hundreds of pieces of fan mail I can tell that most of you are pretty disappointed with the volume of post lately.  I can’t blame you, life has been busy (we have bought and sold houses in the last month) and I have been a little uninspired.

But I am going to try to bring back my A game.  I am quickly collecting topics to rant about.  Heidi has found a way to get me out of the house I have lived in for 28 years.  I have a son who is about to turn 5 years old and happens to be a top notch comedian, or at least a comedy goldmine.  I should have a plethora of topics to blather on about.

While you are waiting on me why don’t you have a look at the 2 new entries to my blog roll.  Both of these people have just recently started their current blogs but at the rate they are both producing content they will surpass me in both volume and quality, within a month.

Eleisa Wife Life – Eleisa is wife to Franklin whom I worked with for many years at Citi.  Even though I have only met her a couple of times and currently talk with Frankie occasionally on XBOX Live, the magic of Facebook and the posts on the blog keep me up to date with the whole family.  Topics mainly revolve around cooking, being mother to 2 kids and wife to a husband on hemodialysis.  But it is the posts about Frankie’s kidney failure that are the most moving, especially to anyone in a serious relationship.

J Gary Wise – Gary is a good friend who is an established Poker writer with ESPN but has just started this personal blog to expand his writing repertoire (<– from my word of the day calendar).  Just over a week old he has already  touched on a myriad of topics (Poker, MMA, Baseball, Movies, Television, Marriage and Mortgages) but no topic would surprise me.  Gary is an excellent and passionate writer and well worth the read, even if the topics don’t directly interest you.

I will never write as well as Gary or be as moving as Eleisa but the dedication to their writing makes me want to write again.  So spend some time reading their posts and then come back, I am sure I will have a new story of something terrible I saw in the men’s room shortly.

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