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Super Bowl XLV

I really don’t have a good feeling about who is going to win the big game today.  There is no score or no scenario that would surprise me.  I would like to see Green Bay take it down but they are a pretty young team and this is the Steelers 3rd trip in the last 6 years.  People keep mentioning that the Pittsburgh offensive line is pretty banged up, but they have been terrible all year and Big Ben is at his best running around out of pocket (well that and in the bar with a few drinks in him).  But unknowing has never stopped me from gambling on the big game.

Normally JayRo is in Vegas this time of year to place some bets for me.  But not this year.  So I signed up at online betting site SportInteraction.  In part because they are Canadian, in part because their website seemed pretty user friendly and in part because their spokesperson Trish Stratus told me to. The site is super easy to use, their odds probably are not as good as one of the pro sites like Pinnacle or The Greek but it is still decent.  My only complaints is that beyond Winner + O/U, you can not place combination parlay’s on the Superbowl.  So as much as I would like to bet “Ben Roethlisberger Hits On Fergie during half time show +2000 w/ Aaron Rogers MVP +150 w/ Red Gatorade Poured On Winning Coach +1200”, I can’t.

So I have $35 whole dollars in play this year.  As I said at the start my ‘regular’ bets are Pittsburgh slanted but I think I have most of it covered here.

  • $10 – PIT +2.5 and Under 45 @3.73x – WIN $37.27
  • $10 – Ben Roethlisberger wins MVP @4.5x – WIN $45
  • $1 – Randomly Selected Attendance Guess (107200 to 107249) @151x – WIN $151
  • $5 – To Score a Touchdown Anytime – BJ Raji – YES @26x – WIN $130
  • $4 – To Score a Touchdown Anytime – Charles Woodson – YES @10x – WIN $40
  • $5 – MANE EVENT – Polamalu Gets His Hair Pulled Before Matthews @7x – WIN $35

Daddy’s going to buy a new car!

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