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WSOP 2010

It is that time of year again. The World Series Of Poker is upon us. We are actually most of a week into already. Over the last few years I have been in a pool where we pick 20 players and get points associated with their finishes in the 50+ tournaments that make up the series. Here is my team this year …

Allen Cunningham
Barry Greenstein
Bertrand Grospellier
Daniel Alaei
Daniel Negreanu
Eric Baldwin
Erik Seidel
James Van Alstyne
Jason Mercier
Jeffrey Lisandro
John Juanda
Justin Bonomo
Justin Smith
Mike Binger
Phil Hellmuth
Phil Ivey
Scott Clements
Scott Seiver
Sorel Mizzi
Tom Dwan

I tried to put together a combination of Must Have Veterans, Guys Who Are Always In It and Guys Currently Hot and Upcoming. This year I tried to keep to players who play all of the poker variations (not just Holdem) and hope to play a lot of tournaments.

There are 2 players I am worried about on my team. I have not heard anything from/about Cunningham at all. In my mind he is a must have player but he had been no where to be seen a week into the series. Durrrr tricked me into having him on the team last year and hardly played any events. I picked him again this year, against my better judgement solely because of his Bracelet bet$.

There are also a couple of notable exclusions from my list. Andy Bloch is the one that concerns be the most. I really can’t recall why he didn’t make the cut. He is really hungry to win his first bracelet, plays all the games etc etc. This one may come back and bite. A couple of players whom I love like Jesus and E-Dawg didn’t make it just because they haven’t done much recently but certainly have the chance to make me look stupid. Annette_15 and Faraz Jaka were amoungst my final 10 cuts. Recently 21, this is Annette’s first WSOP in the US and everyone is expecting nothing but the best. Faraz has basically gone deep in every tournament in the last year. They both got cut because they are pure Holdem players.

I haven’t seen the other squads I am up against. I think I am doing well. Juanda and Alaei were at the final table of the 50K and a decent handful of my guys have had cashes. ‘The Grinder’ won the 50K players championship and potentially could be on someones squad (though he hasn’t done anything too significant in the last 2 years) so that may be a problem. I am sure you are all very concerned so I will keep you up to date with my status.

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