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Warm Up The Reversal Bucket

Even though any sort of interest in these types of things is firmly in my past, I figured I should touch on a couple of important pieces of food news I have seen recently.

When KFC suggested that you don’t need bread to make a sandwich I was intrigued.  When they suggested that deep fried chicken could take bread’s place, I screamed out “SOLD!”  Combine that with a statement that I try to live my life by … Bacon makes everything better … and The Colonel brings us his newest food invention.

Even the name of the sandwich is incredible.  How they can sell this legally I am not sure.  On their website they list they list this thing at 540 calories, 32 grams of fat and 1380 mg of sodium I suspect they have doctored the numbers.  Old Mike really wants to give this one a try, it seems both disgusting and delicious to me all at the same time.  You might as well punch yourself in the heart and save yourself 5 bucks.

The second item actually appeared in real Toronto newspapers.  MLE (Major League Eating), the same organization that brings us Joey Chestnut and the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship has announced that on May 22nd they will be bringing the first annual Poutine Eating Championship to Toronto.

What can I say, I love poutine.  Related to comments above, I long ago invented Poutine w/Bacon ™ which is basically my dream food.  But the dream couldn’t be worse for you.  I could never be a competitive eater, I just don’t have the skillz, but I am fascinated by these guys.  How do you get tickets to this event, I would really be interested in seeing this thing go down.  It is sponsored by Smokes Poutinerie another place I have never had the opportunity to visit, but would love too.  Maybe in July when I am under 200 lbs I will treat myself to that filthy joy …

I think my arteries hurt.  Off to have a chicken breast and do 100 push ups.

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