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Vegas Bound

September 12, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sorry about the low post frequency.  Life and the new job are both pretty crazy.  I don’t really expect that to change much until December, but keep checking back … I am still alive.

Last weekend I tried to qualify to play in the Magic: The Gathering Canadian National Championship.  I played in 2 single elimination qualifiers.   64 Players, top 4 qualify.  In the first one I lost in the final round due to a play mistake of my own.  In the second I lost in an extremely close match in the first round.  I was really happy with the deck I managed to put together and played.  I was a little rusty and don’t seem to play well when a crowd is watching.   With time this will fix itself. 

Boyd (who was qualified on rating) managed to drag hall of famer Gary Wise out to play in the tourney but they both did poorly in the event and skipped the second day.  A kid we used to play with in town, Jamie Archdekin almost made the top 8.  It is funny, he used to be a little pip-squeak kid but now he is a huge dude I would not be interested in fighting.

In the world of fatherhood, sometimes it is the really little things are are the best.  A couple of weekends ago Travis and I actually sat in the recliner together and watched the Notre Dame season opener (College Football).  The game was ugly and we both feel asleep in the chair.  But it was so nice to be able to do.  Travis normally has ‘ants in his pants’ and hardly will sit still for a single minute, let alone 15-20 minutes in a row.  Hanging out watching football is more how I imagined fatherhood, I felt really good.

Tomorrow after work I fly out for 4 days to Vegas.  Sean and I (the married guys) are only staying for the extended long weekend.  Another group of 5 bachelors leave today and are staying a full week.  We are staying at The Castle (Excalibur) because it is on the strip and relatively cheap … plus wizards kick ass.  I am pretty excited, this is the first time I have really gone away for several nights, since Travis was born (there was one work trip earlier in the year).  I hope Heidi and Travis make it though.  I am sure Guinness will keep them in line.  Always bet on black!

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    very nice… 😉

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