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Father’s Day MKII

Well this past weekend I really tried to spread out the laziness to fill the whole weekend.  Heidi did a very good job of pampering me, especially Sunday.  I didn’t do the best as far as eating which resulting in no loss of weight this week (I was at a low of 231.4 on Friday Morning, 234.2 Monday morning same as the previous Monday).  This morning (Tuesday) I was at 233.6 so at least I am back on track. 

My less then stellar performance over the last couple has skewed my current trend to a loss of 1.7 lbs/week and a goal date (of 199 lbs) of Nov 16th.  I did indeed join a gym (Premiere Fitness) but ended up leaving it as well because there was some real shady stuff in the contract.  Goodlife also has a gym near the office and one in town so I will pay them a visit sometime this week.  As far as ‘The Race’ goes I am down around 20 lbs in it’s scoring, Boyd was down in the last week but still in the negatives overall (I believe he is still working off the extra weight put on after weigh in) and Graham refuses to be weighed, which is good for us. 

Back to Father’s Day weekend … Friday started off with pizza and wings, which I haven’t eaten in a couple of months. I received a present from Guinness … Ghost Rider on DVD.  That evening I headed over to the Ivy Arms to meet up with ‘the boyz’ for karaoke night.  There were a couple of Ciders and some of the best nachos I have ever had.  Matty P takes a lot of ribbing about a whole collection of topics but the fact that he will get up there and do a decent job is extremely impressive.  Graham has become a superstar in the place, throwing down a 3 song Elvis tribute that night.  The collection of singers in that place are actually pretty decent overall.  Boyd bet me $50 to get up there and sing which I didn’t take.  A couple of more drinks and he probably would of needed to pay up, the bar was just about empty enough. 

Saturday we didn’t do anything too stressful.  I got a matching log totem garden statue from Heidi (this is my second, they hang out by the patio with eyes that glow at night).  We had some friends come by with their daughter (a little older then Travis but pretty close).  Apparently, Travis doesn’t share his toys well with girls.  After dinner I received a present from Travis.  This time it was a 2800 points for the XBOX360 marketplace.  I bought Worms (which I remember being much better) and Catan.  I am saving points for Street Fighter 2-HD which is coming out soon (same as SF2 but with HD graphics).  Heidi and I started watching Ghost Rider after Travis went to bed but we both fell asleep shortly after.  Eventually I will have a full review of the movie, which scared me when it came out and didn’t impress me with what I remember before sleepy time.

Sunday I really mailed it in.  Pancakes in the morning.  I did my online poker bankroll as disservice by playing in a $5 no limit tournament.  I didn’t even make it through the first orbit of the table, I raised in early position with AA and got a couple of callers.  Flop came A55 and I check-raised another player, and after a couple of back and forth raises we were all in.  Of course my Aces full lost to his quad fives.  Online poker is rigged.  I managed to make most of it back playing $0.10/$0.20 limit and coming in 2nd place in a $1 sit and go.  I received my final gift from Travis … a 2000 point Wii card (which I bought Punch Out and Super Mario Bros so far)  My dad and sister came by in the afternoon for dinner (Steak, Corn on the cob, Salad) and we had a good time.  Even the neighbors came by for desert, which we had one of my favourites … Pizzookie (half cooked chocolate chip cookie dough with ice cream and chocolate syrup) … mmmm.

It was nice to have a taste of some of the food I have been missing but I am already back on track (honestly eating too much questionable good makes me pretty sick right now).  But it was a great Father’s Day all around.  Did I mention I am going to Vegas in September?

  1. June 23, 2007 at 1:24 pm

    The best thing is to have some cheat dinners (once a week) baked into your schedule. Sounds like you are doing pretty good. One thing you’ll notice once your start eating clean regularly is the effect crap food has on you. It really slows you down and makes you feel like poop.

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