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The Countdown Is On

It feels like it has been forever since I had a vacation and I guess it has been.  I took some time off when Travis was born but there was not exactly a lot of relaxing then.  December 15th is my last day of work for the year.  I will be on vacation until the new year and I can’t wait.

We (Heidi, Travis and I) are going to Phoenix for Christmas and staying with Heidi’s family, we leave on the 21st.  Some of my friends are staying at the house to keep and eye on things and make sure Guinness has someone to sleep with/on.  I come back New Years Eve while Heidi and Travis are staying a few extra days with her family.

There is going to be a big poker game going on New Years Eve at the house for anyone who is interested in attending.  All are welcome.  My flight doesn’t land until 7:30 and Boyd has volunteered to pick me up at the airport.  Hopefully whomever is staying at the house will be able to get things set up and ready for my great arrival. 

It will be the first time since Travis was born that noise and waking up in the morning will not be an issue so I hope there is a good turn out and a good time.  More details to come.

Vacation : T minus 9 Days

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  1. December 7, 2006 at 1:48 am

    Awesome, man.
    Have a great trip!

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