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Poker And ‘THE MAN’

Well I am sure a lot of you have heard about all of the legal hub-bub-aloo (sorry about the fancy law talk but I am a lawyer on the side you know) with regards to online gambling in the US.  What ever eventually is resolved from this it will probably effect us (Canadians) in some way. 

But there are all sorts of Poker and ‘The Man’ things going on that you may not of heard of. So I as always I am here to help.  I sure there are others but I found this stuff pretty interesting. (Plus why not cheap out on a real post by providing a bunch of links).

A group of poker players (mostly Full Tilters) have sued the WPT originally about a clause in the WPT contract that allowed them to use the players images for what ever they want without prior notice or payment to the players, but they have expanded it to sound more legal like.  The WPT has counter sued in this case with some pretty interesting points.  I tend to agree with Daniel Negraneau on this … they are going about it in the wrong way, it will take forever and neither result will be good for poker.

Our recently crowned WSOP Main Event Champion Jamie Gold has appeared pretty shady since he showed up to the event.  But now a ‘business friend’ is suing him for half his winnings stating they had a verbal agreement (there is apparently a voicemail message and everything).  Mr. Gold has had his PR people respond here.

Finally, just this week another person from the WSOP Main Event final table, Richard Lee, is in some hot water for running a ‘large’ betting ring out of his own home.

Hmm, this was not easier then a ‘normal’ post.  Lesson learned.

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  1. September 1, 2006 at 11:14 am

    Greed fucks everything up.

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